ARAB101 Arabic Language 1
ARAB201 Arabic Language 2
CE 102 Engineering Graphics
CE 130 Basic Workshop
CE 201 Engineering Mechanics (Statics)
CE 261 Thermodynamics I
CHEM101 General Chemistry I
CHEM101 General Chemistry I (Lab)
COE 332 Computational Methods In Engineering
EE 250 Basic Electrical Circuits
ELC 101 Technical English 1
ELC 102 Technical English (2)
IE 201 Introduction To Engineering Design I
IE 202 Introduction To Engineering Design Ii
IE 255 Engineering Economy
IE 256 Engineering Management
IE 311 Operations Research I
IE 321 Fundamentals Of Computer Systems
IE 322 Computer Application In Industrial Eng. I
IE 323 Computer Applications In Industrial Eng. Ii
IE 331 Probability And Engineering Statistics
IE 332 Engineering Statistics
IE 341 Work Study
IE 342 Human Factors Engineering
IE 351 Industrial Management
IE 352 System Analysis And Design
IE 390 Summer Training
IE 411 Operation Research Ii
IE 422 Industrial System Simulation
IE 431 Industrial Quality Control
IE 432 Design Of Industrial Experiments
IE 451 Production Planning And Control
IE 453 Facilities Planning
IE 499 Senior Project
ISLS101 Islamic Culture 1
ISLS201 Islamic Culture 2
ISLS301 Islamic Culture 3 (Business Ethics)
IT 202 Computer Programming 1
MATH101 Calculus I
MATH102 Calculus Ii
MATH203 Calculus Iii
MATH204 Introduction To Differential Equations
MATH241 Applied Linear Algebra I
PHYS101 General Physics I
PHYS101 General Physics I (Lab)
PHYS102 General Physics Ii
PHYS102 General Physics Ii (Lab)