ARAB101 Arabic Language 1
ARAB201 Arabic Language 2
CHEM101 General Chemistry I
CHEM101 General Chemistry I (Lab)
COMM101 Communication Skills
EE 211 Logic Design
EE 221 Electric Circuits
EE 300 Field Training
EE 311 Electronic Dev. &Circ
EE 312 Signals & Systems
EE 313 Electromagnetic Fields
EE 314 Power Systems I
EE 321 Electronic Circ & Applications
EE 322 Systems Analysis
EE 323 Microcontrollers Applications
EE 324 Electromagnetics Waves
EE 325 Communication Systems
EE 412 Semiconductor Devices
EE 413 Control Systems
EE 422 Intro. To Digital Signal Processing
EE 429 Independent Design
EE 482 Digital Systems Design
EE 499 Senior Project
ESP 101 Technical English
ESP 102 Introduction To Academic Writing
IE 201 Introduction To Engineering Design I
IE 331 Probability And Engineering Statistics
ISLS201 Islamic Culture 2
ISLS301 Islamic Culture 3 (Business Ethics)
MATH101 Calculus I
MATH102 Calculus Ii
MATH203 Calculus Iii
MATH204 Introduction To Differential Equations
MATH241 Applied Linear Algebra I
PHYS101 General Physics I
PHYS101 General Physics I (Lab)
PHYS102 General Physics Ii
PHYS102 General Physics Ii (Lab)
SE 111 Intro. To Program
SE 121 Object -Orient Prog
SE 204 Computer & Organization & Architecture
SE 206 Introduction To Software Engineering
SE 312 Data Communication & Networks
SE 418 Operating Systems