ARAB101 Arabic Language 1
ARAB201 Arabic Language 2
CE 201 Engineering Mechanics (Statics)
CHEM101 General Chemistry I
CHEM101 General Chemistry I (Lab)
COMM101 Communication Skills
EE 201 Elec. Machinery Principle
ESP 101 Technical English
ESP 102 Introduction To Academic Writing
IE 331 Probability And Engineering Statistics
ISLS201 Islamic Culture 2
ISLS301 Islamic Culture 3 (Business Ethics)
MATH101 Calculus I
MATH102 Calculus Ii
MATH203 Calculus Iii
MATH204 Introduction To Differential Equations
MATH241 Applied Linear Algebra I
ME 201 Thermodynamics I
ME 203 Heat Transfer
ME 204 Engr.Mechanics-Dynamics
ME 205 Engineering Graphics
ME 301 Fluid Mech. & Hydro . Mach 1
ME 303 Mechanics Of Materials
ME 304 Cad
ME 305 Design Of Machine Element
ME 306 Basic Workshop
ME 307 Fluid. Mech & Hydro. Mach Ii
ME 308 Mechanical Vibrations
ME 309 Cae
ME 322 Mat. Sci . And Engr.
ME 401 Summer Training
ME 402 Internal Combust Engines
ME 403 Manufacturing Automation
ME 499 Senior Project
ME 511 Principle Of Optimum Design
ME 512 Dynamics Of Particles And Rigid Bodies
ME 513 Additive Manufacturing Theory And Practice
ME 514 Analysis And Design Of Mechanism
ME 515 Hydraulic And Pneumatics
PHYS101 General Physics I
PHYS101 General Physics I (Lab)
PHYS102 General Physics Ii
PHYS102 General Physics Ii (Lab)