ACOL101 Understanding The Customer 1
ACOL102 Introduction To Advertising
ACOL103 Advertising Skills Introduction
ACOL201 Conceptual Communication
ACOL202 Research And Information Gathering
ACOL203 Advertising Management 1
ACOL204 Digital Technologies For Marketing 1
ACOL205 Integrated Marketing Communications
ACOL206 Industry Practice 1
ACOL214 Digital Technologies For Marketing 2
ACOL303 Advertising Management 2
ACOL304 Research And Evaluation Project 1
ACOL314 Research And Evaluation Project 2
ACOL406 Industry Practice 2
AMAN201 Understanding The Customer 2
AMAN203 Business Context 1
AMAN303 Business Context 2
AMAN304 The Role Of Advertising In Business 2
AMAN305 Modern Marketing Information And Analysis
AMAN306 Public Relations
AMAN307 Global Marketing Management 1
AMAN308 Brand Strategy 1
AMAN406 Modern Marketing Communications 2
AMAN407 Global Marketing Management 2
AMAN408 Brand Strategy 2
AMAN409 Advertising Strategic Theories
AMAN410 Advertising Strategy Practice
AMAN430 Major Study, Final Project
AMAN450 Co-Op Training
ARAB201 Arabic Language 2
ENG 102 Business English 2
ISLS201 Islamic Culture 2
ISLS301 Islamic Culture 3 (Business Ethics)
IT 101 Computer And Info. Technology
MKT 120 Marketing Principles