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Course Schedule   [Summer - 2022]

Course Dept Title Unit Section Instructor Time Days Building Room Status
ACCT101(2) Principles Of Accounting 1301Prof. Ayman Zerban10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 308 OPEN
ACCT102(1) Principles Of Accounting 2301Dr. Mahdy Othman10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 201 OPEN
ACCT241(1) Intermediate Accounting 1301Dr. Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 102 OPEN
ACCT242(1) Cost Accounting301Dr. Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 201 OPEN
ACCT367(1) Auditing 2301Dr. Ahmed Qotb10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 209 OPEN
ACCT461(1) Auditing Ii301Dr. Ahmed Qotb10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 209 OPEN
ACCT476(1) Strategic Management Accounting301Dr. Ahmed Qotb13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 303 OPEN
ACCT480(1) Co-Op Training601Dr. Mahdy Othman00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
ACCT480(1) Co-Op Training602. Tbd .00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
ACCT490(1) Co-Op Training601. Tbd .00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
BUS 231(1) Quantitative Business Analysis301Mr. Momen Ali10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 307 OPEN
BUS 350(2) International Business301Dr. Abdullah Aljarodi13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 204 OPEN
BUS 351(1) Entrepreneurship301Dr. Abdullah Aljarodi19:00-21:30..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
BUS 470(1) Research Methods301Dr. Mohammed Hejazi10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 302 OPEN
BUS 471(1) Strategic Management301Dr. Abdullah Aljarodi16:00-18:30..M.W..TMC 207 OPEN
ENG 101(6) Business English 1301. Tbd .19:00-21:30..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 101(6) Business English 1302. Tbd .19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 101(7) Academic English301. Tbd .19:00-21:30..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 101(7) Academic English302. Tbd .19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 102(3) English For Specific Purposes301. Tbd .19:00-21:30..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 102(3) English For Specific Purposes302. Tbd .19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 102(4) Business English 2301. Tbd .19:00-21:30..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 102(4) Business English 2302. Tbd .19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 102(6) English For Specific Purposes301. Tbd .19:00-21:30..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 102(6) English For Specific Purposes302. Tbd .19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 102(7) English For Specific Purposes301. Tbd .19:00-21:30..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 102(7) English For Specific Purposes302. Tbd .19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
ENG 102(8) English For Specific Purposes301. Tbd .16:00-18:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
FIN 230(1) Financial Management301Dr. Eiman Osseilan16:00-18:30.S.T...TMC 307 OPEN
FIN 230(1) Financial Management302Dr. Eiman Osseilan13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 303 OPEN
FIN 362(1) Feasibility Study301Dr. Ahmed Qotb00:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 102 OPEN
FIN 363(1) Corporate Finance301. Tbd .10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 103 OPEN
FIN 473(1) International Finance301. Tbd .13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 302 OPEN
FIN 474(1) Financial Modeling301Dr. Ahmed Qotb13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 208 OPEN
FIN 480(1) Co-Op Training601Prof. Ayman Zerban00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
FIN 480(1) Co-Op Training602Dr. Hatem Akeel00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
FIN 490(1) Co-Op Training601Dr. Hatem Akeel00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
HRM 120(1) Human Resource Management301Dr. Ahmed Asfahani13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 108 OPEN
HRM 120(1) Human Resource Management302. Tbd .10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 209 OPEN
HRM 360(1) Change Management301. Tbd .13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 103 OPEN
HRM 361(1) Negotiation & Conflict Res.301. Tbd .16:00-18:30..M.W..TMC 201 OPEN
HRM 448(1) Global & Cultural Effectiveness301Prof. Sayeeduzzafar Aziz10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 309 OPEN
HRM 470(1) Compensation & Employees Benefits301Dr. Ahmed Asfahani13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 203 OPEN
HRM 471(1) Org. Design & Development301Dr. Ahmed Asfahani13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 308 OPEN
HRM 472(1) Human Resource Planning301Dr. Ahmed Asfahani10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 303 OPEN
HRM 480(1) Co-Op Training601Dr. Megren Altassan00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
HRM 490(1) Co-Op Training601Dr. Megren Altassan00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
MATH099(1) Pre-Calculus301Mr. Abdulaziz Aljahdali13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 207 OPEN
MATH101(3) Business Math301Dr. Taleb Al-Gafri10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 307 OPEN
MIS 450(1) Telecommunication & Networking301Mr. Amjad Roboey13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 308 OPEN
MIS 490(1) Co-Op Training601. Tbd .00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
MKT 241(1) Consumer Behavior301Dr. Hatem Garamoun10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 102 OPEN
MKT 360(1) Sales Management301Dr. Hatem Garamoun13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 101 OPEN
MKT 480(2) Coop -Training601Dr. Hatem Garamoun00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
SCM 230(2) Operations Management301Mr. Mossab Habani13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 208 OPEN
SCM 480(1) Coop-Training601Dr. Mohammed Hejazi00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
SCM 480(1) Coop-Training602Dr. Hasan Balfaqih00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
SCM 490(1) Co-Op Training601Dr. Mohammed Hejazi00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
SOC 140(1) Communication Skills301Mr. Ahmed Bahurmuz16:00-18:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
STAT121(1) Introduction To Statistics301Dr. Taleb Al-Gafri10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 107 OPEN
STAT121(1) Introduction To Statistics302Mr. Abdulaziz Aljahdali16:00-18:30..M.W..TMC 204 OPEN
ARCH342(1) Environmental Control Systems Ii30121:35-00:05.S.T...ON OLINEFULL
ARCH352(1) Introduction To Sociology30121:35-00:05..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
ARCH391(1) Advanced Digital Media30110:00-12:30.S.T...ENG STUD OPEN
ARCH425(1) Construction Documents30113:00-15:30.S.T...ENG STUD FULL
ARCH445(1) Technical Systems Integration30121:35-00:05..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
CE 201(1) Engineering Mechanics (Statics)301Dr. Ahmed Emara19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
CE 204(1) Computer Aided Design301Dr. Yasser Abelmagd21:35-00:05..M.W..ON OLINEFULL
CE 399(1) Summer Training201Dr. Yasser Abelmagd00:00-00:00.......ENG SENR OPEN
CE 412(1) Foundation Design301Dr. Wael Mobarak21:35-00:05.S.T...ON OLINEFULL
CHEM101(2) General Chemistry I30110:00-12:30.S.T...ENG 123 FULL
CHEM101(3) General Chemistry I (Lab)10113:00-15:30..M....ENG 123 FULL
EE 221(2) Basic Electrical Circuits401. Tbd .00:00-00:00.......ANX 104 FULL
EE 221(2) Basic Electrical Circuits401. Tbd .19:00-21:30.S.T...ANX 104 FULL
EE 300(3) Field Training201. Tbd .00:00-00:00.......ENG SENR OPEN
EE 464(1) Power System Protection And Switchgear301. Tbd .19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEFULL
IE 390(1) Summer Training201Dr. Mohammad Kanan00:00-00:00.......ENG SENR OPEN
IE 421(2) Managerial Cost Accounting301Dr. Abdulwahab Abukwaik21:35-00:05..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
IE 422(1) Industrial System Simulation401Dr. Mohammed Basengab21:35-00:05.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
IE 449(1) Quality Management In Service Organization301Dr. Hussein Reda19:00-21:30..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
IE 452(2) Warehouse Management301Dr. Salem Aljazzar10:00-12:30..M.W..ANX 207 OPEN
IE 453(1) Facilities Planning301Dr. Hussein Reda19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
MATH102(1) Calculus Ii40110:00-12:30.S.T...ANX 208 FULL
MATH241(1) Applied Linear Algebra I30113:00-15:30.S.T...ANX 205 FULL
ME 201(1) Thermodynamics I301Mr. Andika Wijaya10:00-12:30.S.T...ANX 207 FULL
ME 205(1) Engineering Graphics301Mr. Andika Wijaya13:00-15:30.S.T...ANX 208 FULL
ME 401(1) Summer Training201. Tbd .00:00-00:00.......ENG SENR OPEN
ME 512(1) Dynamics Of Particles And Rigid Bodies301. Tbd .10:00-12:30..M.W..ENG O.H FULL
ME 513(1) Additive Manufacturing Theory And Practice301. Tbd .13:00-15:30..M.W..ENG O.H FULL
PHYS101(3) General Physics I (Lab)10113:00-15:30...T...ENG 127 FULL
PHYS102(2) General Physics Ii30110:00-12:30.S.T...ENG 129 FULL
PHYS102(3) General Physics Ii (Lab)10113:00-15:30.S.....ENG 127 FULL
SE 202(2) Programming Ii301. Tbd .10:00-12:30..M.W..ENG 108 FULL
SE 417(1) Summer Training201Dr. Hanadi Hakami00:00-00:00.......ENG O.H OPEN
SE 417(1) Summer Training202Dr. Rania Baashirah00:00-00:00.......ENG O.H OPEN
SE 419(1) Software Project Management301. Tbd .13:00-15:30..M.W..ON OLINEFULL
SE 542(1) Software Security301. Tbd .10:00-12:30..M.W..ANX 103 FULL
SE 545(1) Network Security And Management301Dr. Rania Baashirah19:00-21:30..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
EL 300(1) Academic English Level 3101. Tbd .09:00-15:00.SMTWT.ELC 026 OPEN
EL 400(1) Academic English Level 4101. Tbd .09:00-15:00.SMTWT.ELC 031 OPEN
ARAB101(2) Arabic Language 1201Prof. Najat Al Yazeji19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
ARAB201(1) Arabic Language 2302Prof. Najat Al Yazeji16:00-18:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
ARAB201(3) Arabic Language 2202Prof. Najat Al Yazeji16:00-18:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN
ISLS201(3) Islamic 2201Dr. Abdulrehman Khusaifan19:00-21:30..M.W..ON OLINEOPEN
ISLS201(3) Islamic 2202Dr. Fatemah Farsi19:00-21:30.S.T...ON OLINEOPEN